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"The truth about Kars4kids" (at www.kars4kids.org)
by Scott Martinez
I got an email about Kars
Kars4kids - The first time I heard about Kars4kids was in an email from Florie:

‘Kars4kids looks interesting – Danny’s Dad and Sister donated their car to them, they said the car was picked up pretty fast – you also get two free nights in a hotel for donating a car to Kars for Kids, don’t know what kind of hotel but worth looking into. OK just wanted to pass it on.’

In the Blogs
Kars for kids and Car Donation in the Blogs:

I found Kars for kids in a couple of blogs. Here are some excerpts:

" Kars for Kids This organization is currently arranging for the Hellcat (yes, at long last) to be towed off into the sunset."

"I donated my Buick to Kars for Kids this morning...Why donation?
1) my daily life no longer requires driving.
2) I get tax break from Kars for kids (not sure how much it will help me with tax refund).
3) The Kars for kids charity is supposed to give me a voucher for 2 nights stay at a hotel.
4) I cannot afford insurance premium, which costs more than what my car is worth.
5) My car will be auctioned, and the profit is all for kids.

"This is where it gets good. They had this little song sung by a little kid, I could sing the whole thing. "Call 1 877 Kars for Kids. That's K-A-R-S Kars for Kids. Call 1 877 Kars for Kids donate your car today." Then it switched to a guy that initially sounded like a clown and he sang the whole thing. I was singing along after the first time and now I just can't get it out of my head."


They're Non-Profit

Kars4kids: is a non-profit

Charlene Schwinn strongly recommends Kars4kids as a car donation: ‘These people really make sure that your donation benefits underpriviliged kids . These folks are a nonprofit charity. They make it easy and hassle free. I’m not trying to “sell” anything. Just sharing a great deal with my friends.’

More stuff

These guys also have a great sense of humor and they don't take themselves too seriously, you should follow some of their conversations on twitter, it's really funny. Some people get really bent out of shape on twitter about that jingle they have, I find it kind of entertaining just reading the conversations. One guy wanted to drive his car off a cliff or something. Then a different guy asked them if they can swap their kid for a car and they tweeted this meme about trading kars for kids! its pretty funny!

It looks like Kars 4kids has this new garage site up where you can post pictures of your donated car, it looks pretty awesome. They have some really old cars up there, I bet Danny's dad would've loved to see his car posted up. I remember watching him wash his car every Sunday morning, he really loved his car, he used to wax it at least once a month. I even remember him teaching Danny how to buff the car. I wonder if kars4kids still has a picture of his car, maybe they'll put it up if I asked?


I noticed that kars for kids did quite a few coat giveaways this past year. I believe they distributed over 1000 at each event.

Kars for kids is very big into giving back to the community, it's refreshing to see a charity go out of its way to do things like stocking foodbanks and distributing coats to thousands of needy people. They even overnighted coats ahead of blizzard Nemo. To me that was an eye opener - How many charities would go to such great lengths to assist individuals? It shows that the people at kars for kids really believe in what they do.